Butter at Its Best: Alfille's Temperature Controlled Butter Conditioner Delivers Perfectly Spreadable Butter Every Time - Guaranteed

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Why Choose Us?

Transform Your Spreadable Butter Experience with Our PerfectButter® Electric Temperature Controlled Butter Conditioner.


Welcome to PerfectButter®, where we understand the importance of having butter that is always ready for spreading. Introducing our flagship product, the PerfectButter® Alfille Electric Temperature Controlled Butter Conditioner, designed to revolutionize your spreadable butter experience.

Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with hardened or melted butter, and bid farewell to the hassles of microwaving and wiping up puddles. Our temperature-controlled butter conditioner puts you in full control of your butter's texture, ensuring it's always perfectly spreadable.

But our butter conditioner isn't just about functionality—it also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. With a range of lid options to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your kitchen decor.

Experience the convenience of having perfectly spreadable butter every time with our innovative product. Transform your spreadable butter experience with PerfectButter®.

The PerfectButter® Alfille Electric Temperature Controlled Butter Conditioner is a patented product with Patent Number GB2424358.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much butter does it hold?

A. As it is designed in the UK this conditioner was made to hold their standard block size which is smaller than our 500g block here down under. It will hold perfectly a 400g block of butter, and we suggest that customers slice the standard 500g block in half and keep the unused half in the fridge to enjoy later.

Q. What are the temperature ranges at which this conditioner operates?

A. The butter conditioner functions at optimum efficiency within a temperature range of 4ºC-38ºC, ensuring uniform optimal butter spreading consistency. Outside of this range the consistency of the butter will be harder or softer closer to the lid.  

Q. What is the warranty coverage for the PerfectButter® Conditioner?

A. We offer an extended 24-month warranty (12 months manufacturer's + 12 months on us) on the Alfille butter conditioner. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions during regular use. The conditioner is built to last and has served our customers for many years after purchase, your's would be a one-off purchase for years of effortless butter goodness.

Q. Why should I use this butter conditioner instead of simply using a covered dish in the pantry?

A. Our butter conditioner will save you effort and time as a lover of real butter all seasons of the year. While storing butter in a covered dish in the pantry can help maintain its softness to some extent, our temperature-controlled butter conditioner offers precise control over the butter's temperature. It keeps the butter at the perfect spreading consistency consistently, regardless of external factors such as room temperature. It eliminates the need to soften or melt butter, ensuring effortless spreading every time you use it. 

Q. The butter conditioner has been on for a day now, why is the butter still hard?

A. Please check that you have adjusted the dial on the bottom of the butter conditioner accordingly. The variable dial will allow you to regulate the temperature inside the conditioner to get the desired texture and consistency of your butter all year round.

About Us

PerfectButter®, a 100% NZ-owned local reseller, is proud to offer the Alfille butter dish in New Zealand and Australia, providing you with a unique and eco-friendly way to keep your butter at the perfect temperature. Based in Christchurch, PerfectButter® is dedicated to bringing you high-quality products that make a difference in your daily routine.